File Navigator 1.0.5 – upcoming features

As I’ve blogged a some weeks (or months ago) the new File Navigator release is very near.

Up to 90% are done and the tests are ongoing. Several people have asked me about the new features, so here is a list (there are some features but although some bug fixes).

ENHANCED – Context menu items are shown/hidden by selection (to shorten the current context menu)
NEW – Properties dialog for files and folders
NEW – Unzip functionality when dropping attachements
NEW – Zip/Unzip menu items in the context menu for zip/unzip
NEW – Replace dialog with different options (operating system behaviour)
NEW – Additional languages (Norwegian / Slovenian)
NEW / FIX – Favorite folders/Desktop can’t be deleted
FIX – No more loops if folders are droppend into themselve
FIX – Copy & Paste of the same file whithin the same directory isn’t any more possible

Apparently there is one new feature which isn’t finished yet – but I want to have it in the new release.

I’ve added some new actions to the “Attachement” context menu in Notes. There I’ll provide actions to save/save and delete the (selected) items to the current selected folder or to the favorite folders.


That’s a kind of workaround for the missing drag’n’drop support of multiple files within the Expeditor framework.

Work in progress…