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Domino C-API programming

Mar 17, 2009
1 minute

A long time ago…I programmed some C-API programs. A very long time ago.

Today I had some thoughts about extending the Notes/Domino Calendar behaviour.

A lot of our customers asked within the last months about some special enhancements. Because this enhancement needs to react “just-in-time” on user behaviour I have only one chance - start programming in C.

I think there are a lot of Lotus geeks outside saying: “Ooouch, C programming.” And yes, that’s my thougt, too. I’d prefer to use Java as an addin task. But those addin tasks can’t act on events like document deletion.

So while the installation of a nice Eclipse extension is going on at the moment I’m studying the C-APi reference…

But now it is time to go to bed - 1:10 a.m.

Within the next days I’ll post about my progress.