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Speaking at Dreamforce 2017

Oct 05, 2017
2 minutes

It’s only a couple of days till Dreamforce 2017! Yay! If you were lucky and registered before we sold out, you’ll have the opportunity to attend one of my sessions. ;-)

Salesforce and IBM for Developers

The partnership between Salesforce and IBM opens up a new world of possibilities for customers, partners, and developers. Are you interested in learning about how to leverage them? Then join this session which will showcase real-world examples around API integration, weather or Watson. Authentication, authorization, workflows and UI - all will be handled and source code included. And expect to learn about something that hasn’t been announced yet. Become inspired to build your own solutions today!

Room 2020, Tuesday 11/7, 3:00 pm

Einstein Platform Services: Overview

Einstein Platform Services offer a variety of APIs to enhance your companies processes. Learn in this session about the options like image recognition and object detection or classifying text utterances based on tone and type of action. After this session you’ll have a solid understanding of what Einstein Platform is and how to use it.

Canyon Theatre, Monday 11/6, 8:15 am

Einstein Platform Services: Best Practices

Once you’ve started using Einstein Platform Services it’s time to dig deeper. Training parametrization, prediction feedback, model metrics and more will be demystified for you. A must-attend session for everyone who wants to get the most out of Einstein Platform.

Canyon Theatre, Tuesday 11/7, 10:45 am