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We looked for a Community Manager - and we got the best...

Aug 18, 2017
1 minute

A couple of weeks ago I posted about a job opening in my team for a Community Manager role. And we got the best…

I think it comes to no surprise that I had one of my best friends for that role already in mind. And she obviously convinced those in power and crushed the competition.

As much as I know what this loss will mean for my old community, as much do I know what she can and will achieve for the Salesforce community and for our Team Trailhead.

Next task for me is to find a GoCart shop in San Francisco and hope that Mikkel will make it to Dreamforce. It would be awesome to redo the Social Connections fun from November 5th 2015 exactly two years later again (without the bruises though).

Mikkel, Amanda, and me with Go Kart helmets