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UKLUG 2009 - Arrival day

Oct 07, 2009
1 minute

Today I arrived at UKLUG in Edinburgh (wonderful Scotland). It was a busy day. First a conference call with a customer at 7:00 a. m., then driving to the airport, getting the airplane…

It was a little stressful. But after I went into the airplane the stress felt off…

At the arrival the sun was shining. Very strange for Scotland, isn’t it? After a short bus drive to the city centre I arrived at the Radisson Blu hotel. A real nice location, for sure. Maybe a little bit expensive, but that’s ok.

During the afternoon I finished and finalized my presentation slides. At the moment I feel a little bit nervous. Not about the speaking engagement, more about: Is it what the attendees expect? But well, we’ll see - tomorrow.

In the evening the speakers dinner started. That was really nice. Good food - and better: good people. I feel really well with such a bunch of geeks around me. Should happen more often…

But now it’s time to “close the mind doors” and to get some sleep. Tomorrow will be exciting!

P.S.: Have you seen this before? Dr. Evil (aka Fabrizio Marchesano) and Austin Powers (aka myself). => http://twitpic.com/kmwrf. Photo taken by Paul Mooney