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panagenda's refurbished website and their new groupExplorer

Jan 07, 2010
2 minutes

I don’t now if you have seen it or even know about the company: panagenda has refurbished their website.

You don’t know panagenda? Well - they offer some really smart products. And no - they don’t pay me to tell this. We use their products in our company and I’m really satisfied with them.

marvelClient The MarvelClient is a tool to centrally manage the Lotus Notes desktop. You can administrate which desktop icons should stay on workspace folder 3, organize the user’s bookmars by your companies policy and much more. Even a real cool skinning (free download here) is included.

MarvelZipThis is a really nice tool. MarvelZip is a seamless zip integration into the Lotus Notes client. You can zip and/or unzip files from or where ever you in Notes are. Probably because I know (and use) it I hesitate to add the zip/unzip functionality to File Navigator

On their website they are announcing their new product - groupExplorer. Well, that sounds cool. Here is an extract from the tool’s advantages:

  • Visualizes interconnections and cross-links between user groups
  • Shows which users or groups are in which groups – includes resolving nested groups
  • An interactive topology map allows for intuitive navigation of group structures

Sounds promising. They’ll show this new tool at Lotusphere. Can’t wait to see it in action (well, not at LS but hopefully later on).

Cheers Florian, you and your guys do a really smart job.