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New year, new job: Joining forces!

Jan 24, 2011
2 minutes

After some silence in this blog (hopefully I’ll find some more spare time in the future to fill it more regularly) I’ll have some - at least for myself - exciting news.

I’ve heard and read different rumors within the last months in the Yellowverse like “where is IBM Lotus going”, “we see market decreases” or “will Lotus Notes/Domino give me a safe future for my job”.

Well, I’m not a market analyst. Nor I don’t know what IBM will do in the future. But I’m a believer. I believe in IBM Lotus products. I believe in the community. And I believe, that working for and with IBM Lotus products will give me a safe future - and fun at work.

So I decided to change my job. Starting at the 1 February (yes, my first working day will be at Lotusphere!) I’ll joining forces as a senior consultant with Detlev Pöttgen. Most of you will know Detlev as the project chef of the well-known RCP plug-in “Snippets”, hosted at OpenNTF. Or as a specialist for IBM Lotus Traveler integration. Or as a specialist for Notes client deployment or server migration. Or, or, or…

With this job change I’m going back to a 100% Lotus job. I’ll work with Detlev in different areas like Lotus Traveler implementations, Plug-In and xPages development, infrastructure consulting up to … some things you’ll hear about in the near future. ;-)

A nice bonus will be to work together at certain topics with friendly partners like Daniel Nashed. That will be fun, too.

If you are at Lotusphere I’d be pleased to get some wishes - and your contact information.

2011 - my year of Lotus.