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Joining forces: welcome midpoints, welcome Michael Ingendoh

May 12, 2011
2 minutes

Yesterday evening we made it official - midpoints and Michael Ingendoh are in the market.

After some weeks, or better months, of planning (and holding strickt silence about it) we are very proud to announce two very exciting news.

First we “changed” our company name. You can reach us now at midpoints | purify it (website is currently only in German), formerly known as “dp consulting”

What does “midpoints” mean? Well - it has several meanings. At first it is about our customers - they are the midpoint of our services. And it’s about IBM Collaborative solutions - that’s the midpoint of our business and knowledge. Last but not least the very first characters are the initials of the founders - Michael Ingendoh and Detlev Pöttgen.

What’s the business focus? We are focusing IBM Collaborative Solutions. Every member of our company has a strong and long standing history within this business with more than 10+ years experience. We are targeting mainly the German/Austrian/Swiss market and are - for sure - although available for every country in the world, you desire. We deliver i. e. high-available IBM Lotus Traveler environments, we are deploying Sametime, we are migration specialists for Notes/Domino upgrades, do enhanced XPages and RCP Plug-In development and can help you with every topic around e-mail.

Do you have products? Yes - we have! And you’ll like them. More about that later.

Second I cordial want to welcome Michael Ingendoh to midpoints

Who is Michael and what has he done in the past?

Michael is my new boss (I’ve two of them). If you’re in the german market and have used the iQ.Suite from you probably know him. If not here are some facts about Michael. For nearly a decade Michael has worked for GBS (formerly known as Group Technologies) as the head of consulting and for the last two years as Managing Director. He was responsible for everything about e-mail, i. e. e-mail archiving, response management, e-mail encryption and a lot of other stuff. And he really, really is an expert in this area - maybe THE expert I’d say.

Enough said at the moment. We’re really looking forward into the future as we see some fascinating stuff will come.