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Lotus Traveler - replication issues in mapping databases

May 06, 2011
1 minute

If your company is using IBM Lotus Traveler for mobile pim synchronisation (I strongly recommend that) you’ve probably used the mapping databases which are delivered out-of-the-box by IBM.

After setting up an additional self-sufficient Traveler server on one of our development machines I saw some interesting replication errors at the server console


So - what’s happening there? IBM delivers the mapping databases as prepopulated NSF files and don’t create individual NSF files for each Traveler setup. The current released mapping databases have a bug included, which raises the above shown error. It’s currently nothing to worry about. Just good to know.

Someting you maybe need to worry about is when you have multiple Lotus Traveler servers in your domain with different releases and maybe different mappings. The default setup (respecting your connection and replication settings between the servers) may lead to a “mix” between the configurations. Depending on your current infrastructure (more than one Traveler server) I strongly recommend to check your environment. The really easy workarounds are to create replicas or copies of the mappings databases after the initial Traveler setup by yourself. Another option would be to exclude the Traveler folders from replications. Both ways are simple but effective and may reduce your stress-level.