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My UKLUG slides about iOS in the enterprise

May 25, 2011
1 minute

Another fantastic UKLUG is over. Thanks to Warren, Kitty, Bill, Matt, Steve and all the others in front and behind the scenes. It was good to see the “usual suspects” like Tim T., Paul & Paul, Ulrich, Werner, Mikkel, Francie, Theo and all the others. Sadly enough it’ll take some time to see them again at another LUG.

This time I had a very well attended session about “iOS in the enterprise”, a topic that IMHO is emerging across Domino shops. Due to Traveler there is a real, real good product which serves your mobile (PIM) needs. And you need to know how to (securely) deploy iOS devices!

UKLUG 2011 - iOS devices in the enterprise from René Winkelmeyer

As it was no sponsoring session I haven’t mentioned our products. If you’re a Traveler shop and interested in enhancing IBM Lotus Traveler, i. e. through real-time black- and whitelisting, distributed administration and more => just drop a mail to rene dot winkelmeyer at midpoints dot de