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Integration of XSnippets into Domino Designer

Nov 21, 2011
1 minute

You’re hopefully aware of the new OpenNTF Code Bin - XSnippets. This new project has been initiated by Frank van der Linden, Serdar Basegmez, Bruce Elgort and Niklas Heidloff. But what about Domino Designer integration of this new project?

Well - it’ll come! And it won’t be just an embedded web view of the XSnippets project. It will be a full integrated Eclipse plug-in. Most part of the UI and of the backend is already done. I’ll hope to finalize it this week.

So what will be the benefit of a Domino Designer plug-in for XSnippets? What I like most: Code drag’n’drop. And you don’t have to leave your IDE. You’ll have search capabilities, got all views that are available on the XSnippets website, offline usage, approved contributors may contribute directly from Domino Designer and so on.

From a technical point of view I’ll leverage only litte to less “pure” Notes/Domino technology:

  • OSGi servlets on the server-side for serving authentication and data (via RESTservices)
  • Java based Eclipse plug-in for Domino Designer
  • And probably must surprising: using the built-in Derby database for local storage

Stay tuned!