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I'll be speaking at Lotusphere 2012

Dec 06, 2011
1 minute

It’s confirmed: I’ll be speaking at Lotusphere 2012.

That will be my first full session as a speakter at Lotusphere. I’m very excited about being honored to speak at such an excellent event. And I’m looking forward to the amount of work for finishing my presentation within two weeks…

What’s to expect? I’ll present in the Show’n’Tell track about how to setup

Lotus Mobile Connect - the hidden authentication jewel

and use it a as a reverse proxy for Lotus Traveler. As Lotus Mobile Connect, a real cool product, often runs in “stealth” mode I’m looking forward to show the capabilities - and that it is not as complicated as you might think.

Besides that: in 2011 I had the opportunity to speak at Lotusphere IDOL along with other peoply like Mark Myers (aka “stickfight” aka “the Wookie”) and Peter Presnell. Both of them are now speaking at Lotuspere, too. I encourage every non-Lotusphere-speaker to use IDOL’s great opportunity. It’s exciting, it’s frightning - and it’s fun.

Anyway - see you in January at Lotusphere in Orlando, Florida!