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Italys Dominopoint event and my IBM Lotus Traveler High Availability slides

Jun 25, 2012
1 minute

It was hot. It was very well organized. It was funny. It was Dominopoint 2012!

As a very short summary: the organizers of Dominopoint, Giuseppe, Daniele and Claudio did a very exciting job. Everything was well organized. Some facts: the location was IBM Milan, most of the stuff has been organized by an external marketing company (a very good idea, they did all the photos, videos and so on, too) and a remarkable line-up of national and international speakers. One thing I have to particularly emphasize: anybody was very solicitous to help us non-italian speakers. I felt very contented. Thanks to Giuseppe, Daniele, Claudio, Stefano, Roberto, Andrea and a lot more!

The organizers created a Facebook group for Dominopoint, here you can see some pictures of the 2012 event.

And, last but not least, here are my slides about IBM Lotus Traveler High Availability.

Dominopoint 2012 - IBM Lotus Traveler High Availability in a nutshell from René Winkelmeyer