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Speaking at EntwicklerCamp and BLUG

Feb 12, 2013
2 minutes

I’ll be speaking at EntwicklerCamp and BLUG. Two events, two weeks, two different topics, triple fun.

I’m honored. Again. Honored to share my knowledge. Honored to meet well-known people again. Honored to meet new people. The time after Lotus…ahem…Connect is the time before PutYourFavoriteConferenceNameInHere. It’ll start for me with Rudi Knegt’s EntwicklerCamp (11.-13.03.2013, Gelsenkirchen, Germany) and Theo Heselmans BLUG (21.-22.03.2013, Leuven, Belgium).

EntwicklerCamp - iWidgets and OpenSocial Gadgets for IBM Connections

The successful entry of IBM Connections leads to new integration scenarios. There is the challenge to integrate content from existing applications, be it Notes / Domino or others, into the context of IBM Connections. The languages ??of choice are (X)HTML, JavaScript and XML. In this session, the possible extension points of IBM Connections are explained. Using practical examples (including code), the differences between iWidgets and OpenSocial gadgets are explained. This means that only a native Integation in IBM Connections is treated. Finally, the deployment of those components is presented.

BLUG - Mobile Application Delivery - Choices, choices, choices

Your users are going mobile with IBM Notes Traveler. Now it’s time to mobilize your applications - the next logical step after mobile PIM synchronization. Choosing the right technology and the right tools is mission-critical for delivering successful mobile applications. Want to go web? Or native? Use cross-platform technology? Which device types need access? Do you need local data - or have you considered low-cell-coverage areas? And what about local data encryption for mobile devices? A lot of questions - and we’ll discuss and answer them all. This session will lead you in a vendor-neutral way through the jungle of mobile application delivery with all pros and cons of each technology.

I’m really looking forward to both conferences. Theo and Rudi are really good organizers and it always was a pleasure to attend their events (from a speakers view and an attendee’s view). In addition BLUG will be a kind of Connect-O-Sphere-come-to-gether. Both events are still open for registration. If you aren’t registered - do it now! It’s really worth your time.