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Speaking at EntwicklerCamp about iOS and Vaadin development

Jan 20, 2015
2 minutes

I’ll be speaking at this years EntwicklerCamp (March 2-4, hosted by IBM Champion Rudi Knegt) about two development topics.

From Idea to App

“We need this data available on our mobile devices.” – an often heard requirement these days. But what needs to be done to achieve this?

Learn in this session the steps to use your data, like that in IBM Domino, within a native iOS app. You’ll get a grasp on the MVC pattern in the Xcode IDE and see the benefits of the new Swift programming language. We’ll have a look at how to read RESTful data and perform CRUD operations on them. Last but not least will store some data in IBM Bluemix.

This session won’t be about theory – we’ll put it all together to build a native iOS app in real-time!

So come to this session – for finally getting the justification to get some Apple hardware.

(This is basically my session from last year’s ICONUK, now with full Swift coding and some IBM Bluemix stuff added)

Vaadin for Domino (and others)

Everybody who is nowadays in the web-enablement of Domino applications, is dealing necessarily with XPages. And those who are seriously concerned about XPages development are in touch with the underlying Java Server Faces (JSF).

This session provides an alternative to XPages: the web framework “Vaadin”. Vaadin is a Java-based framework which build upon the Google Web Toolkit (GWT). In addition to the strong focus on UI Vaadin a large number of possibilities to create dynamic web applications in a simple manner.

The best: Vaadin runs on all common app servers (such as Tomcat or WebSphere Liberty) as well as on Domino. Web apps now written for Domino can be ported at any time with little effort on other platforms.

If you haven’t registered for the conference - do it now. You’ll get good content (in German) and free beer on both evenings ;-).