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Upcoming blog series - Understanding IBM Domino HTTP

Jul 16, 2015
2 minutes

In my past development stuff I had to dig deep into the different IBM Domino HTTP containers. Did I say “containers”? Plural? Yes - I did.

IBM Domino HTTP has received some major changes in the last years. It has evolved from running static web sited and “classic” Domino web applications to a fully functional OSGi and J2EE web server (not that they are technically up-to-date, but they are there). This is no new stuff. IBM has told us about those changes often in the last years. My findings are that not so many people are aware of all of those parts, what their purposes are, how they play nicely (not) together and what their limitations are.

Does that sound interesting? Here is a simplified scenario of what could happen on a Domino server:

  • You have an image resource with the alias “setup” in a NSF.
  • There is an OSGi servlet running in the Equinox container with the alias “/setup”.
  • A Java servlet “entry” is running in the context root “setup” (using the XPD web container).
  • A Domino website rule to replace “setup” with “start” within an URL is active.

If you can answer ad hoc what will happen if someone calls http://your.hostname.com/setup in a browser you probably won’t need this series. If not…well…you know the answer.

Stay tuned!