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"Gradle Up!" - or I'll speaking at ICONUK 2015

Aug 10, 2015
1 minute

I’ll be speaking at ICONUK this year which takes place from September 21 to 22 in London.

Gradle Up

As software development projects grow, the need for tooling grows. Where copy & paste of needed libraries or manual project configuration was “ok” in the past it’s nowadays standard to automate these tasks. Especially when you’re stepping into the world of Continous Integration (CI). But getting there sounds easier as it is.

This session shows you how to leverage the build automation system “Gradle” in your existing and new software projects. Besides the basics of Gradle you’ll learn how it compares to it’s predecessors Ant and Maven. See how you can easily compile single JAR files, incorporate other Eclipse projects into your current working project and how to compile OSGi plug-ins or Web Applications at the same time from it. The involved tooling will include a command line, a Buildship and a dog.

The agenda is packed with lots of interesting sessions which will be presented by some of the best subject matter experts you can get. Make sure you register fast if you haven’t already as space is limited!