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Zurich here I come - speaking at SNoUG about Vaadin

Sep 04, 2015
1 minute

I’ve been accepted for speaking at the annual Swiss Notes User Group meeting in Zurich, which takes place at 28th October 2015. With a provocative session (title).

Vaadin - XPages 2.0?

You’re doing XPages and Java? Good. You want to embrace the gained knowledge? Better. The Java-based Vaadin framework allows you to easily build web applications which have an appealing UI and run on different app server like IBM Domino or IBM WebSphere Liberty - without any code changes!

Come to this session to learn about the history Vaadin and how it compares to XPages. After going through some basics and the Vaadin ecosystem you’ll see how easy it is to create a user interface. We’ll connect it to existing datasources like NSF or JSON - with just a few lines of code. Last but not least we’ll deploy the same application on Domino and WebSphere Liberty.

I strongly recommend, if you’re swiss based, to visit the event as there are lots of good and well-known speakers. You can find the agenda here.

It’s my first time at SNoUG so I’m really looking forward to it. And Zurich is a lovely city to visit. See you there!