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Sessions accepted - Speaking at IBM Connect 2016

Nov 23, 2015
2 minutes

It’t the time of the year when we’ll get notice if we can speak at IBM Connect (aka Lotusphere) or not. Luckily I’ve been accepted for two sessions this time.

Going Mobile with IBM Verse

IBM Verse is IBM’s answer about working with your day-to-day workhorse, email, in a simple, easy and collaborative way. And native applications play a major part in leveraging the #NewWayToWork on mobile devices. This session will show you the “what” and “why” of the IBM Verse apps for iOS and Android. You’ll learn about the app key features on each platform, differences to existing native capabilities and how the functionality differs between cloud and on-premise deployments. Last but not least we will dive into the available client and server security mechanisms and show how the apps integrate well into your Mobile Device Management strategy.

I’ll have that session with Stijn Van Herzele (IBM) as my co-speaker.

IBM Mobile Connect - Real World Usage Scenarios

Mobile access to your collaborative applications like IBM Connections, IBM Sametime or IBM Verse is a critical component for your workforce. As is the secure access to those resources. This session will introduce you to IBM Mobile Connect (IMC), which is IBM’s secure reverse proxy solution for IBM Collaboration products (and more). Many enhancements in 2015 made it more rock-solid than ever before. Besides it’s Single-Sign-On capabilities we’ll cover topics like user management, multiple IBM Traveler pool assignments or where and how you can (and cannot) use secure certificate based authentication. Last but not least you’ll learn about the built-in features to support your Mobile Device Management strategy.

Find the list of all sessions here.

See you in January!