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Speaking at Dreamforce about Lightning and Office 365 – with Marky

Aug 16, 2016
2 minutes

With more than 2.000 sessions and over 170.000 attendees in 2015 Dreamforce is the largest software conference in the world (it shut’s down San Francisco). A great opportunity to share knowledge, to learn, to connect with people that you know - and that you don’t know yet.

I am thrilled to speak this year - my first time - in the Developer Zone. We’re expecting tens of thousands of people from across the world only in that zone, which will be located in Moscone West. It will be packed. If you’re interested how that may look like, check out this video on YouTube.

I am also thrilled as I will have a co-speaker: Mark(y) Roden! As he is an absolute expert in the world of Office 365 development it was a no-brainer for me to join forces, so that we can deliver the best available expertise from both worlds.

Having said that Mark is an expert in Office 365 - so our session will be about that. As you may probably know Salesforce offers already great and deep integration into Office 365 (learn also about it on our free online learning platform Trailhead). But organizations may have specific needs that aren’t fulfilled by a standardized integration. Or that are just too specific. So they build their own ones. This is where our session comes into the game.

Unleashing the power with Salesforce and Microsoft Office 365 Add-ins

Salesforce has created great out-of-the box integrations for Office 365. But have you ever thought about creating your own integrations for maximising your Salesforce and Office investments? That’s where Office 365 Add-ins and Lightning come to the rescue. Based on real-world scenarios you’ll learn in this session all about the “how” and “where” of connecting Office and Salesforce. After starting with needed authentication setups between the systems we’ll quickly dive deep into the programmatic aspects. Be it RESTful or Lightning Out, we’ll get you covered! Come and see the session where Mark and René will demonstrate custom integration between Salesforce and Office applications on all platforms. Source code will be provided for all examples shown.

This is the link to our session, and this is the full session list (get’s filled up daily). You may also not want to miss the great keynotes from people like Melinda Gates, Billie Jean King and many more.