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Modernising an app (dev platform) can be like refurbishing your house

Sep 27, 2016
2 minutes

Recently I read a lot of blog posts and other communications about “app (dev platform) modernisation”. In some areas it’s an ongoing talk. When I read and hear about that I’m always remembered about refurbishing a house.

Imagine you’ve your house. It’s 25 years old. You lived in there for a long time. You like it (otherwise you won’t live there). And from time to time you’re going to improve it. New lights in the entrance, a new and more secure front door, some new paintings, etc. All the usual stuff.

And sometimes you want - or need - a bigger change. Like a complete new kitchen or bathroom. Lots of work, lots of time, lots of investment. But it’ll be totally cool and shiny. It’ll be the best part of the house for some time for you. Maybe not for the rest of the family.

And then the children grow up. They need more, other space. So you plan. And plan. And plan. Then you’re going to change a whole floor. Moving walls, door, windows. It’ll be dirty, it’ll be unliveable for some time, it’ll cost a lot. Hopefully everyone is happy with the changes (all is shiny, so I’d say yes). But then there is still the garden that… you know what’s coming.

So why I’m saying this? Because when you talk about “app (dev platform) modernisation” you’ve basically two options to make “the family” happy. You either renovate a whole floor, that accommodates everyones needs (not really possible) - or you buy a new house where everyone wants to live in. Because the expectation is that the “modernisation” is at large scale. Not less.

So when you talk about modernising your “app (dev platform)” it’ll be pretty clear that you’ve to invest a lot. It’ll take time. It’ll take resources. It’ll take money. It doesn’t matter if you buy a new house - or do a whole floor. And you’re hopefully done with it before the kids decide to leave the house as they are grown-ups now.

If you do it only in small scale, like changing some bulbs and a some new windows… no one will like it.