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Meet me in Prague on Feb 16th if you want to hear about Lightning and SalesforceDX

Feb 07, 2017
2 minutes

Next week I’m joining the Salesforce User & Developer Group in Prague for their February meetup to speak about Lightning and SalesforceDX.

A hot topic for developers across all audiences is how get the most out of the available frameworks and technology in their day-to-day work. That includes, but is not limited to, having a great development experience in terms of tools and workflows. During the meetup we will address both needs by talking about Lightning and SalesforceDX.

Moving from Visualforce to Lightning - Preparations, Techniques, Tasks

The way to go for achieving the best user experience in web applications is using client-side JavaScript frameworks. Given the mature state of the Salesforce Platform there are a lot of customizations built based on Visualforce, a server-side framework. That raises the question how you can, with minimum effort, move your applications and your users to Lightning. We’ll go in this talk through various techniques that will help you to answer this question. From simple checkbox-based migration up to custom styling of Visualforce pages using SLDS or Visualforce-to-Lightning communication.

SalesforceDX - modern developer experience for the Force.com platform

Most people have probably already heard about how we re-invent the Salesforce Developer Experience (DX) on the Force.com platform. For those who don’t I highly recommend to checkout a past blog post of my colleague Peter Chittum. We’ll dig during this talk into the “Why and How?” - touching all elements from the command line to Heroku Pipelines. Oh - and you’ll see stuff live.

By the way: you can still sign up (till Feb 10) for our extended SalesforceDX pilot.

So, if you’re in Prague that day - sign up for the meetup and come along.