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engage.ug recap, my Salesforce/IBM slide deck and DevoxxUK

May 13, 2017
2 minutes

Last week was a busy week. I presented at engage.ug in Antwerp about the Salesforce and IBM partnership for developers and I attended Devoxx UK in London (partially).


Hilde and Theo created again a great event on May 8th and 9th. Brand new venue (a zoo, literally), many sessions, and taking care of the attendees at the highest level possible. It was fun to see many familiar faces, especially after a long time, especially after I left that part of IT around a year ago behind me. It was refreshing.

engage is also, with around 400 attendees, the biggest user group event around the ICS stack in the world. Far bigger than any other in that space. Kudos again to Hilde and Theo for making it happen.

I attended some sessions, but not many. Mostly because it’s not longer “my” stack, but also because I am more looking for deep technical content. Read a bit further down about Devoxx UK to see what I mean with that. From what I’ve been told by other attendees many sessions were very good - so that’s great to hear. engage was always a high-class event and it will be in the future one too. For sure!

On the engage home page are some blog posts listed that give a great overview on other peoples experiences and from different perspectives. Worth a read!

If you’re interested in my session “Salesforce and IBM for Developers” - you can find it and more resources here.

Devoxx UK

Devoxx UK was on my plan for May 11th and 12th. For some business reasons I had to skip the 12th, but that didn’t lower my experience. More than 1,200+ developers attended this highly technical event.

Learning about Quantum computing, how the game industries makes use of dumb AI and  Apache Spark Streaming in combination with DeepLearning4J was an interesting experience. I learned a lot (especially data science terms that I never heard before ;-)). Also great fun was to see Audrey talking about how and why to transform REST APIs into Data Streaming APIs - including flying a drone. I’m sad that I missed some sessions on the day. But as Devoxx records and publishes all sessions on YouTube I’ll “only” need to find some hours for binge watching them in the future.

Both events are great in their own ways - so if you’re available at their 2018 dates (tba) - go!