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EntwicklerCamp 2009 - Day 1

Mar 02, 2009
2 minutes

After a long, long time I relaunched my blog… ;-)

My first blog entry goes about the EntwicklerCamp 2009. Since this morning 200+ german Notes developers are assembled in Gelsenkirchen.

On this first day there have been some very great tracks. Let’s tell you something about it…

Keynote The keynote was held by Maureen Leland, the lead architect for Domino Designer. She showed up a brief overview about DDE in 8.5.0 and beyond. As I haven’t been at LS09 it was very nice to see some of the new nd features in a live presentation. The two most impressive things of 8.5.x are

  • new LotusScript editor in DDE (coming in 8.5.1)
  • XPages running in the Notes client (yes, in the Notes client - seen in live demonstration)

Templates, Code and Tools The well-known Ulrich Krause (aka ‘eknori’) held quite interesting track about free available code in the Lotus community world. It started on OpenNTF, went along nsftools.com and landed at the DominoWiki. I thought, that I’ve seen a lot of this free stuff in the last yearx. But I’m very surprised about this “new” information. A lot of things I’ll have to investigate in the near future…

Ignore the ‘No trespassing!’ sign As Ben has mentioned a few days ago he showed us how to ignore the ‘No trespassing!’ sign in Lotus Notes. Although the track was held on a very high technical level (you need C/C++ know how to understand it), there heve been a lot of useful information. How to use or misuse note elements, how to load an XPage within the Notes client (yes, he did) and so on.

Till now I can say: this event is it’s money worth. I just can’t await the next two days