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EntwicklerCamp 2009 - Day 2

Mar 03, 2009
1 minute

Most what I like on those events is the networking. Discussing with a lot of other ‘geeks’. Discussing with people you already now from their blogs or other public online-places.

Today I’ve been mainly at two sessions,

Lotus Notes/Domino ‘Mythbusters’

My first session today was about mythbusting Lotus Notes/Domino. Most of you hopefully know the famous ‘Mythbusters’. In this session Rocky Oliver told us a lot of interesting stuff about some famous (or infamous) myths around Lotus Notes/Domino. Very valuable and very funny. For those of you who have been at LS09 => it was the same presentation.

Perfomance for application developers

‘Aaaahhh…’ you say, the same ol’ stuff as every time. But Daniel Nashed recovered some very valuable information - for app developers and for admins. Something like ‘how to debug client-server-communication’ or ‘performance indicators in collections’. Just can’t await to get the slides and debug a little bit around…

Tomorrow are the last tracks and a surely nice session about HASH - but we don’t smoke it. ;-)