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Some thoughts about my UKLUG speaker engagement

Jun 04, 2009
1 minute

As I’ve written in my previous post I’ve been approved as speaker at UKLUG 2009. The title of my session is “Extending Domino Designer on Eclipse”. You can see the full list of sessions here.

After the approval I made up my mind and started to gather my ideas. There is a lot of stuff that could be shown to the audience - but although a lot of questions are around.

What do the people expect to see? How deep should I dive into the (simple) Java programming? What’s about the statement “Everything starts with an idea!”? How many code examples should I provide? How much theory and how much practise should I present?

After reading a lot of presentations from the last Lotusphere I started to build a small agenda. My aim is to finish it till the end of June…

And then it’s time to build all those small and big examples. So that I can deliver a lot of value to my audience.