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A new File Navigator release is very close

Dec 01, 2009
1 minute

Do you know “File Navigator”?

It’s a nice and small plug-in which mimics a file exploring system in your Lotus Notes sidebar. You can find the plug-in at OpenNTF. If you haven’t seen it before, here are some screenshots.

During the last weeks we received a lot of feature requests - and most of them are considered for the new release! As a small sneak preview I can name a few:

  • EML conversion of mail documents
  • mapping of UNC paths
  • automatic refresh of drive list (for removable media)
  • enhanced context menu with more keyboard short-cuts
  • supporting more native languages, i. e. czech

It’s running very, very smooth at the moment. I’m just finishing some minor tweaks and ui enhancements. After that some final testing had to be done. Hopefully I’ll be able to release it till the end of this week.