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I'll be presenting at EntwicklerCamp 2010

Dec 21, 2009
1 minute

Yesterday I received the confirmation by Rudi Knegt to hold some sessions at the awesome EntwicklerCamp 2010.

I’ll host one speaking session and two hands-on sessions.

Developing plug-ins for Lotus Notes In this session I’ll show up the basic things to know when you want to develop plug-ins for the Notes client. I’ll start with the basic concepts of plug-in development, explain avoidable traps and will show up some advanced techniques to perform a smooth plug-in experience.

Extending Domino Designer (hands-on) The participants of this hands-on session will learn the steps to develop their own extensions for the Domino Designer so that they will be able to leverage the full power of the “new” Designer client.

Developing plug-in’s for Lotus Notes including Notes-Java-UI (hands-on) Build upon my speeking session the attending participants will learn how to build their own plug-ins for Lotus Notes, i. e. sidebar elements or livetext recognizer. As a plus I’ll show how to use the new Notes-Java-UI API.

Looks like a busy preperation time for me… Hope to see you there!