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My post-christmas present - File Navigator 1.0.3 has been released

Dec 30, 2009
1 minute

It took a long time - but now it’s finished. A few minutes ago I’ve released File Navigator 1.0.3 at OpenNTF.

At first I want to thank the people who cross-tested the new features and documentation. Thanks to you all!

At this point I want to give you a brief overview on the new features:

  • new context menu with keyboard shortcuts
  • copy&paste functionality for files and folders
  • added language support for dutch and spanish
  • support for network shares (UNC)
  • en-/disabling of hidden files
  • automatic refresh after changing local drives (i. e. adding usb stick)
  • en-/disabling of local drives
  • converting mail documents to EML files
  • built-in EML viewer

Link to the project page at OpenNTF Link to the administration and user guides at OpenNTF Link to some screenshots at OpenNTF

I hope this new release will satisfy your requirements! And please - RTFM. ;-)