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File Navigator needs customer testimonials

Jan 02, 2010
1 minute

Dear blog readers,

I’ve been asked to nominate the File Navigator plug-in for the Open Source Lotus Awards. Just to be asekd is very nice. :-D So I just downloaded the application form from the IBM nomination site. And there is one thing I can’t fill out alone - customer testimonials.

In the past I’ve seen some very nice comments in the web, like the recent entry from Darren Adams, or what people like Adam Gartenberg and the commenters at Alan Lepofsky’s blog say.

The very best I read was the tweet from Bruce Currier saying “This widget alone may keep Lotus Notes alive in our company.”. Woohoo!

So - if you are a “customer” using File Navigator please drop me a mail via filenavigator@winkelmeyer.com or leave a comment on this blog entry so that I can get in touch with you. That would help me to fill out the nomination form. The information I need is how File Navigator helps you (and your company) to become more productive, more luckily, helps to promote Lotus Notes in your company and so on.

If you haven’t downloaded the newest release - I think it is worth to try it.

– René