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File Navigator 1.0.6 - New languages, printing and Linux

Apr 15, 2011
1 minute

Just a few minutes ago I’ve released the new version 1.0.6 of File Navigator at OpenNTF. It’s a small release, but with some really nice enhancements.

I’ve added two new languages, Icelandic and Slovenian, to File Navigator. In summary File Navigator now supports 10(!!) localizations. Special thanks to

Pálmi Lord and Dimitrij Reja for the translations! If you’re a native speaker and File Navigator is not in your native language => you’re welcome to support it!

There has been an issue on Linux systems, for that opening files wasn’t possible under some circumstances. That has now been fixed.

As a new functionalty I’ve added a “print” action to the context menu. That allows to directly start a file print from within File Navigator. Nice, isn’t it? ;-)

Alltogether with the previous release, which introcued zip/unzip support, you’ll have with File Navigator a real nice plug-in which your users (will) love. More than 8.200 downloads can’t be wrong.

Here are the links you need: File Navigator project homepage File Navigator release 1.0.6 File Navigator documentation 1.0.6 File Navigator DONATION :-D