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File Navigator - Is a donate button wrong or stops your deployment?

Apr 19, 2011
2 minutes

I just have a discussion entry at OpenNTF about the donate function of File Navigator. Now I’m somewhat irritated.

With one of the previous releases I’ve added a donate function into File Navigator. Just to give it a better attention. I’ve seen this in several other open source products, so why not. Don’t get me wrong, I earn my money not with File Navigator, I’m working as a Notes/Domino/Sametime senior consultant and File Navigator is a personal spare time project. But maybe getting some donation would be nice, at least for my wife, as the work at File Navigator took sometime a lot of my spare time. And the three donations I’ve received in the last 16 months (around 200 EUR in summary) was shopping and dinner money for my wife. ;-)

So, back to the OpenNTF discussion. I’d like to ask you, the community and the File Navigator users…

  • Is it wrong to add ad “donate” menu item into the application?
  • Does such a donate button stop the deployment of File Navigator at your working place/company?
  • Do I expect too much when saying: the source is available, you may remove it?
  • Shall I remove the “donate” menu item (no problem for me)?

Maybe I don’t get the point. Your opinions please.