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Presenting at UKLUG: iOS devices in the enterprise

Apr 05, 2011
1 minute

Just coming back from presenting at BLUG, where Theo hosted a top event, I received my confirmation for UKLUG. Man, that will be busy days, as I’ve got two session at DNUG just the week before. Counting all together that would be six speaking engagements within the first halft of this year. Great!

iOS devices in the enterprise

iPhones and iPads are not useful for using them in an enterprise context - a statement that’s often called. But looking at a lot of large iOS deployments in combination with IBM Lotus Traveler at well-known enterprises shows another truth. This session will show how you can deploy and manage iOS devices automagically, secure and valuable. We’ll have a look at the available tooling, certificate management, OTA deployment and more. Make your CxO happy with a secure and manageable iOS and Traveler experience!

Looking forward to see you all in Manchester!