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Speaking about XPages, OSGi, Mobile Device Management and Traveler at DNUG and AdminCamp

Aug 24, 2011
3 minutes

My speaking engagements are speeding up in the next months. You can hear and meet me at AdminCamp (19.-21.09.2011) and DNUG (07.-09.11.2011).

HTTP, XPages, OSGi, Traveler and more (AdminCamp)

The “new world” around XPages, OSGi and Traveler bring up a lot of questions for Domino administrators. In this session we’ll look at the the stuff that’s new from a development (and developer) perspective on the client and server side. That will include the answers for common administator questions like “What’s to consider when deploying XPages to the server and the client?”, “Which config files are available for Traveler?” or “What is OSGi and and why may it replace agents?”. Covering topics like OSGi basics, the Domino Tasklet Service or the the deployment of XPages plug-ins this session will be a must to be on the height of time.

Beside the theory part in the 1,5h session I’ll host an additional hands-on which will cover those topics practically.

Lotus Traveler and Mobile Device Management (DNUG)

The session will show you my experiences from different Traveler and Mobile Device Management roll-outs in the last months. Looking from a Traveler only perspective we’ll dive into a device management comparison of the popular mobile operating systems iOS and Android.

This session is part of our “midpoints mobility hours” at DNUG. You should - for sure - also go to the sessions of my colleagues.

Detlev Pöttgen will talk about new stuff in IBM Lotus Traveler 8.5.3, so definetly a must for any mobile administrator. If your company is looking into “Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)” than it will be worth to spend time with my colleague Michael Ingendoh. He will speak about this topic from an organizational/management perspective.

XPages Extensibility under the hood (DNUG)

Here I 'm sharing the “load” of the speaking engagement with the well-known Mikkel Heisterberg. Definetly time to enjoy for me!

Since IBM Lotus Notes/Domino 8.5.2 the new XPages Extensibility API is a framework for an efficient implementation of applications using XPages. The framework goes far beyond the existing capabilities of standard XPages using custom controls. The much-used XPages ExtLib of OpenNTF shows that there is a great need. This session will show what the XPages Extensibility API is. It is shown both the necessary know-how and the context between other components such as custom controls and managed beans. A live demo shows how to make your first own Extensions and what pitfalls there are in development and deployment.

XPages Extensibility under the hood - Hand-On (DNUG)

That’ll be a full-blown hour of hands-on where Mikkel and I will help you - based on the “theory” from the first session - to create your on extensions based on the Extensibility API!