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iOS.profiler - 110% mobile device management - 100% Domino based!

Jul 26, 2011
2 minutes

In our company we strongly believe in the power of Notes and Domino (see my previous blog post). And now it’s time to show what can be done with this fantastic team. After weeks of silence (personally for me and my blog) it is now time to leave stealth mode. Using the latest cutting-edge technologies that are available with the most current 8.5.2 stream of Domino we’ve build a full mobile device management solution for iOS devices!

If your company runs IBM Lotus Domino and uses IBM Lotus Traveler you maybe have recognized that IBM doesn’t deliver add-on administrative functions for your mobile device experience. That’s the point where we startet. First we created midpoints traveler.rules, our realtime black- and whitelisting Traveler add-on which although allows a decentralized administration. But that isn’t enough. Our customers asked for mobile device management (mdm). And high in priority for the most exciting and business-ready iOS.

As we think, live and bleed Yellow we’ve created iOS.profiler - a full iOS mobile device management solution - which runs on top of your Domino server. Why Domino? Because you have it. No need for additional hard- or software, no additional administrative interface, “just” Notes and Domino. Sounds promising? Well - it is! What does iOS.profiler offer? Anything that Apple offers for their iOS platform. You want examples? Here they are:

  • over-the-air set-up
  • over-the-air deployment of security settings, WiFi, VPN, Traveler, LDAP, certificates etc.
  • remote passcode reset, remote wipe, remote device lock
  • inventories for your managed iOS devices, like profiles, payloads, certificates and apps
  • over-the-air in-house-app deployment without user-interaction

Why did I say 110% iOS device management? Well, we added some “bonus material” like

  • Automatic enrollment for your WiFi and VPN certificates with our own Domino-based SCEP (Simple Certificate Enrollment Process) tooling.
  • Full integration into your existing Domino infrastructure. That means: automatic assignment of settings based on Notes user names and groups!
  • Automatic creation and enrollment of Domino Internet certificates (for the device and the person documents). Forget about internet password authentication for IBM Lotus Traveler and your Domino websites!
  • Additional management capabilities for security and monitoring!

So - if your company is looking into mobile device management and runs IBM Lotus Domino - give it a try. It runs very smooth and integrates full into your existing infrastructure (repeat: no additional hard- or software, no additional administrative interface, “just” Notes and Domino).

Interested people should drop me a mail to rene dot winkelmeyer at midpoints dot de or visit our website http://www.midpoints.de.