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What's your favourite way to display or migrate Notes views from "legacy" to XPages?

Dec 04, 2012
1 minute

I was asked what my favourite way to migrate Notes views from “legacy” to XPages is. And I must say: it depends.

Let’s say you’ve a Domino database with 40+ views with categories, colored text, icons and so an. And those views are really wide, so that users may scroll horizontally. What’s the best way now to move them to XPages with all columns?

Using a dojo grid and getting data via JSON/Domino Access Services? That gives more control for the UI. Use the Dynamic View Control from the Extension Library? That give’s you less control. Create manually custom controls for all needed views? …

Rapid creation and management of the XPages counterparts for the views and ongoing maintenance is also a topic.

So what are your opinions, solutions, pros and cons for that specific problem?