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IBM ConnectED 2015: Talking about IBM Notes Traveler

Dec 17, 2014
1 minute

I’ve the great opportunity to speak at IBM ConnectED 2015 which takes places from January 25-28 at the Swan hotel. This year my session will be about IBM Notes Traveler (see below), you can use the Session Preview Tool to see what other sessions are planned.

IBM Notes Traveler Daily Business: Administration, Monitoring & Support

IBM Notes Traveler is increasingly becoming an important component in business since working with mobile devices is the rule rather than the exception. Even solutions such as BlackBerry 10 or (in the future) Good Technologies use IBM Notes Traveler for their PIM synchronization. Learn in this session how a Traveler environment gets administrated and what pitfalls are waiting for you. Have you ever thought about monitoring Traveler? We’ll dig into critical system metrics, logs, statistics and how to monitor and interpret them. Last but not least you’ll see useful (and unexpected) console commands for providing quick support.

You’ll learn in this session about external Traveler monitoring, dumping SQL data from Traveler HA using the command line and much more.

Mastering the mobile challenges is nowadays the key to success for every business.