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IBM Verse for iOS (iPhone to be specific) is now available

Apr 30, 2015
2 minutes

Yesterday IBM has published the new iOS (iPhone) app “IBM Verse”. You can get it here in the Apple App Store.

You can use the app if you’re an IBM Connections Cloud customer (S1 offering). Or - if you’re running your mail on -premises you’ll have to run IBM Traveler (minimum, better the also yesterday released

So what can you expect from the app? Mainly two things:

  • Containerized PIM (mail, calendar, contacts) access
  • Access to the IBM Verse features (important people etc.) if you’re on IBM Connections Cloud

The app is currently “iPhone-only”, the iPad version is already in beta status.

Are there any caveats running the app? No - not really. I’ve been running the app since it’s first beta for more than two months now and I’m quite happy with this “1.0” release. Yes, there’s room for improvement. And I’m sure that the agile development process within IBM will bring us new releases very quickly.

An administrative note:

If you are running on-premises you may want update your Domino Directory. My colleague Detlev has posted here why.

Last but not least a big thank you to the IBM people for delivering the app. Thanks Bill, Chris, Bob, Zachary and many more.