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bleedyellow.com has a new owner

Jan 11, 2016
2 minutes


For those who are not familiar with the domain name: an US-based IBM Business Partner (Lotus911.com) has initially provided several community services for free on that domain, like a hosted IBM Connections and IBM Sametime environment. Group Business Software (GBS) has continued to provide those services after they’ve acquired Lotus911 in 2009.

Mid last year the services have been shut down by GBS. Silently and without any prior notice (not a good practice IMHO). Which means that lots of hosted blogs aren’t longer available and accessible. Also the chat services, which have been used by many people worldwide to connect, have gone too.

On November 28th 2015 the previous owner has stopped to renew the domain (thanks to the whois services for providing that info). A placed backorder didn’t work out so I had to wait till GoDaddy puts the domain on auction. And that one ended last Saturday. At the moment I’m transferring the domain to my regular registrar.

What I’ll do with the domain? I don’t know for now. Time will tell. Suggestions are welcome. Hosting an IBM Sametime environment for thousands of people on my home server won’t be an option, though - for now. Especially since IBM will sunset Greenhouse soon, which means that two of the three “public” Sametime services will be gone forever.

Meanwhile I’ve put something nice onto it. ;-)