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Three in a row - speaking at SUTOL, ISBG and meetIT

Oct 20, 2016
2 minutes

The year starts to wrap-up - so it’s a great time to finish it with some speaking engagements. So I’m happy to say that I’ll be present at in Prague, Oslo and Milan in the upcoming weeks.

Prague - SUTOL - 10.-11.11.2016 I’ve been in Prague last year - and it was a great event. This year it has been extended from a one day event to two days.

Oslo - ISBG - 30.11.2016 That’s a first timer for me. I’ve never been to Oslo before. And I’m very lucky to give two talks at this event - and about the feed. Especially as it’s likely that I showcase parts of the upcoming Verse Extensibility API in action with Salesforce. ;-)

Milan - meetIT (aka Dominopoint) - 14.12.2016 It’s been some years that I’ve been in Milan. Cannot wait to catch-up with some of my Italian friends that I haven’t seen since them.

I’ll give the following talks (in partially different flavors)

Salesforce App Cloud and IBM Domino - same, same, but different

Salesforce is the current big boy on the block for cloud platform development for customer-centered businesses. It is the favored tool of many users, but it is completely differently to Domino. Or is it? IBM has made their interest in Salesforce obvious their acquisition of one of the worlds largest Salesforce consulting companies.

So what is this Salesforce thing? How does it compare and connect to ICS technologies? Join René in this session to learn about the similarities and differences. We’ll talk about fields, forms, security options on IBM Domino and their counterparts on the Salesforce App Cloud. Are developers still developers - or are they adminstrators - in the Salesforce world? Last but not least we will talk about technical integration scenarios.

Enterprise integration done right with Salesforce Lightning, IBM Connections and IBM Verse

It doesn’t matter if it’s cloud, on-premises or hybrid - cross-application integration is key nowadays. Especially when it comes to ways how to connect 3rd party enterprise applications into and with your systems.

This session will showcase several examples how you can build these kind of integrations on an enterprise level - using Salesforce Lightning, IBM Connections and IBM Verse. You’ll learn about the building blocks like authentication and authorization, REST services, iFrames or direct markup injection into the DOM. Source code included.

I’m looking forward to see you at one of those events!