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Time flies by - my first 6 months with Salesforce.com

Nov 02, 2016
2 minutes

Yesterday I had my “6-months anniversary” with Salesforce.com. I hardly noticed. Why? Because time flies by in this company.

It’s now (a bit more) than 6 months ago that I made the decision to change - once again - my profession when I joined Salesforce.com as Senior Developer Evangelist. It was and is a blast. The company has a vibe across all levels.

I didn’t have a single, boring moment. Here’s an excerpt of some of the things I did - so you can see why:

  • Attended and staffed our World Tour Events in London and Paris (together with 14k+ attendees)
  • Attended our first developer-only conference TrailheaDX in San Francisco
  • Contributed to several open-source projects
  • Worked on sampling for your AI platform Salesforce Einstein
  • Spoke at several non-Salesforce and Salesforce User Groups and Meetups
  • Created an app to help vision-impaired people to navigate independently at Dreamforce
  • Session management for part of the Developer track at Dreamforce (with 250+ developer sessions)
  • Did blogs and webinars
  • Sat for quite some time in different planes
  • Learned, learned, learned, learned about Salesforce with Trailhead

Speaking of Trailhead… that’s my team! :-D

I want to thank my colleagues who helped me to get on board here. I want to thank the people of my “old” tech community in supporting me to make the move. And as next years planning is already ramping up I’m really looking forward to 2017!