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Next stop - #DevTrails @ Salesforce Essentials Tel Aviv

Jun 01, 2017
2 minutes

One thing that we do at Salesforce are events. Many events. Around the world. For customers, partners, developers, administrators. And some of them are “Essentials”.

What is an “Essentials”?

Everything starts with the annual Dreamforce conference in San Francisco. As not everyone can attend (the 171,000 registrations go out quickly) we’re taking it throughout the year on the road. Kind of a “Dreamforce comes to you”.

You can break it down into “World Tour” and “Essentials” events. The only difference between those type of events are the size. Depending on the country or the regional needs it’s either a World Tour or an Essentials. For example in the UK there was a World Tour in London, but in Germany we’re doing for example four Essentials (the first one yesterday in Munich with a nearly 4-digit number of attendees!).

Checkout the (upcoming) events in the EMEA region by clicking on the image.

List of Salesforce Events

What is #DevTrails?

Besides customer and partner breakout sessions, roadmap presentations, and more at those events we’re running at the World Tours also theatres for developers and administrators, where people from the community share their knowledge all day long in short 30 minutes sessions. Based on the high demand in our growing developer community we started to bring that experience also to our Essentials events (like two days ago in Milano). And that’s what we call #DevTrails.

What’s up in Tel Aviv?

At the Essentials in Tel Aviv (June 12th) I’ll talk about Salesforce DX, our re-imagined way of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) for the Salesforce Platform. You can also learn from developer community members about Salesforce APIs, Lightning components and more.

Sidenote: the current Salesforce DX pilot has more than 3,000 participants. Neat, right?

So - if you’re in Israel and are a Salesforce developer, want to become one or just want to say “Hi” - checkout the agenda and register here.

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