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Take app deployment to the next level with Heroku ChatOps and Slack

Jun 19, 2017
1 minute

Heroku is known for it’s developer-friendly set up. Now they’re taking it a step further by simplifying the devops lifecycle with ChatOps for Slack. I tested it during a private beta which went a couple of days ago into public beta.

Slack is often used as an information “pool”, where apps post a status like a successful commit to GitHub or else. But not many allow to action on information. That’s where ChatOps comes in to the game. Using Heroku Pipelines you can now use Slack to deploy or promote your app to the different lifecycle stages - directly from within Slack.

ChatOps single message screenshot

By using the thread functionality ChatOps keeps your stream also slick.

ChatOps thread screenshot

There are a bunch of options available within ChatOps, which is also fully supported by Heroku (after the beta ;-)). Try it yourself here!

I cannot wait to use that in combination with Salesforce DX. ;)