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We are hiring - Community Program Manager or Admin Evangelist @ Salesforce

Jun 22, 2017
1 minute

Are you passionate about community and driving community engagement at scale? Then join my colleagues in the Community Team! They are looking for a fantastic Community Program Manager to help drive program member growth and engagement in our vibrant customer community with all our users, developers, administrators, and MVPs.

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This role is either for San Francisco (HQ) or Austin, Texas.

Read more about it in the job opening for the “Community Program Manager”.

Or are you passionate about driving the success of Salesforce Administrators? My colleagues from the Admin Evangelist team are looking for a highly motivated community evangelist to craft and deliver content to our customers so they understand the vital role a Salesforce Admin plays within an organization.

The role is for San Francisco (HQ).

Read more about it in the job opening for the “Salesforce Admin Evangelist”.

Both jobs are rare… so don’t hesitate and take the chance! Now! It’ll be your #dreamjob!

If you’ve questions - I’m happy to help. Best via DM on Twitter. ;-)