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Busy November ahead - Speaking at Social Connections and SUTOL

Oct 01, 2015
3 minutes

End of October and beginning of November will be busy for me. After speaking at SNoUG (blogged about that here) I’ll head nearly straightforward to Social Connections in Stuttgart and SUTOL in Prague. And in between I’m very happy to introduce Ulrich as a new member of my team to the development stuff we’re doing here at midpoints.

This time my speaking will cover a broad range of topics, going from IBM Connections integration along to Vaadin development up to Software Quality processes.

At Social Connections I’ll have a 30 minutes slot about application integration for/with IBM Connections. It’s a lot to cover, so it’ll definetly a blast in many ways.

Application Integration Blast

You’re running IBM Connections – and now? Is there a way to maximize the usage and include existing (web) applications? Yes – it is. There are many.

You’ll learn in this session about the different ways of integrating an existing web application, for example running on WebSphere’s little brother Liberty, with your IBM Connections environment. From simple UI integration on both sides up to data exchange capabilities – the obvious and the non-obvious ones. Security mechanisms included. And it doesn’t matter which part is running on-premise, in the cloud or hybrid – there is no border.

If you’re an IBM Connections customer or user and want to learn more about the capabilities of this social platform - here is your opportunity to register for the event. You can find the agenda here. It’ll be held this time in the IBM Client Center in Ehningen (Stuttgart), Germany.

Nearly directly afterwards is Prague for SUTOL calling - the Czech User Group around IBM Collaboration/Social software. I’ve never been to SUTOL, so I’m really looking forward to it. At this event I’ll have two sessions.

Vaadin - a XPages alternative

You’re doing XPages and Java? Good. You want to embrace the gained knowledge? Better. The Java-based Vaadin framework allows you to easily build web applications which have an appealing UI and run on different app server like Domino, WebSphere Liberty or Tomcat - without any code changes! Come to this session to learn about the history Vaadin and how it compares to XPages. After going through some basics and the Vaadin ecosystem you’ll see how easy it is to create a user interface. We’ll connect it to existing datasources like NSF or JSON - with just a few lines of code. Last but not least we’ll deploy the same application on Domino and WebSphere Liberty.

Code Reviews - Making Better Software

Every software has bugs. It’s software. The big question is: what’s the best way to prevent as much as possible of them - so that they don’t appear in production? And how can code reviews enrich the code quality in general, across all developers in your team? This session will show you how to implement the needed processes in your team, how to define review responsibilities, time definitions and more. You’ll learn techniques and tools for manual and automated code reviews. See if it code reviewing is needed when doing Test Driven Development (TDD). Last but not least we’ll dig into ways how to encourage your team for adopting successful reviews.

You can find the agenda for this event right here (as you can see - everything is done with IBM Connections), registration goes via Eventbrite.

Alltogether that will be my last events for this very busy year. Maybe Orlando will be calling again in January. ;-)