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Dreamforce 2016 is now a few days ago. It was my 1st one. It was a blast. By any means. I am still sorting out all the impressions, all the ideas, all the talks. It is an experience on it’s own.

Oct 20, 2016
4 minutes

One of our core values at Salesforce is, that we believe in giving back to the community. We also believe that technology should be leveraged for the best purpose - for helping people, every day.

Oct 03, 2016
3 minutes

During the last weeks I had a lot of fun stuff to code. And I was able to use the tools, the methods, the languages that I like. And that’s awesome, because a great Developer eXperience when working with systems and code is important.

Sep 28, 2016
2 minutes

Recently I read a lot of blog posts and other communications about “app (dev platform) modernisation”. In some areas it’s an ongoing talk. When I read and hear about that I’m always remembered about refurbishing a house.

Sep 27, 2016
2 minutes

Over the last two years I worked a lot with the Vaadin framework which I really like for Java WebApp UI development. I’m happy to announce that you can learn now how to bring the power of the Salesforce App Cloud to Vaadin in an upcoming Vaadin-hosted webinar.

Aug 22, 2016
1 minute

An era ends. Pete® Janzen’s last working day at IBM is TODAY. Time to say the most important things…

Aug 19, 2016
1 minute

With more than 2.000 sessions and over 170.000 attendees in 2015 Dreamforce is the largest software conference in the world (it shut’s down San Francisco). A great opportunity to share knowledge, to learn, to connect with people that you know - and that you don’t know yet.

Aug 16, 2016
2 minutes

When starting with learning a technology one always asks him-/herself: “Where to start?” Since I joined Salesforce in May I received lots of those requests/questions.

Aug 15, 2016
4 minutes

Diversity and inclusion is important. It’s what makes our world so colourful.

Jul 28, 2016
1 minute