How to start learning Salesforce Development – Join the Community

When starting with learning a technology one always asks him-/herself: “Where to start?” Since I joined Salesforce in May I received lots of those requests/questions.

In my personal opinion there are two important ways, which are partially complementary:

  • Community – people that enjoy to work day-to-day with the technology
  • Trailhead – the Salesforce online learning platform

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Seamless change – moved my WordPress blog to Heroku

Once in a while it’s necessary to change. So it was last week. I moved my blog to Heroku – read here why and how.

Over the last 10 years I ran two different blogging system. First I ran a blog based on an IBM Domino database. It was for fun, for geeking, for tweeking, for fiddling around with the tech. I changed the underlying stack quite a few times. But it became tedious.

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Simplifying Salesforce App Cloud OAuth2 for Java apps with Scribe

Authentication and authorization is always a key challenge when connecting different systems. It can be simple when having all systems connected to the same Identity Provider (IdP), but it can be challenging if not.   With the rise of cloud-based applications different approaches have been established. The majority of enterprises uses SAML when/where possible. In most other cases […]

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