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Heroku is known for it’s developer-friendly set up. Now they’re taking it a step further by simplifying the devops lifecycle with ChatOps for Slack. I tested it during a private beta which went a couple of days ago into public beta.

Jun 19, 2017
1 minute

Part of the strategic partnership between Salesforce and IBM is the usage of weather data for enhanced business processes. Over the last couple of months I had the great pleasure to work with the colleagues from The Weather Company (looking at you Aleesa, Michelle, Alexis, Maia ;-) ) on several items of that.

Jun 08, 2017
2 minutes

Behind every user group are passionate individuals who want to give back to their community. They spend tons of their spare time and take financial risks to make those events happen. I met many of those organisers over the last decade and longer - and I am grateful for what they did and do. You can read about my thoughts how important YOU are in that in this blog post from around two years ago.

Jun 06, 2017
3 minutes

The Call for Papers for developers and administrators for Dreamforce 2017 is open NOW! Rush!

Jun 02, 2017
1 minute

One thing that we do at Salesforce are events. Many events. Around the world. For customers, partners, developers, administrators. And some of them are “Essentials”.

Jun 01, 2017
2 minutes

If you’re looking to expand your footprint as a current partner - or if you want to join the Salesforce ecosystem - now is a good time for it!

May 31, 2017
1 minute

Over the last year I had dozens of conversations with developers that develop on the Domino platform, ranging from customers to freelancers and ISVs, about if and how they could enter the Salesforce community. I found myself repeating some elements all the time. And I recognised that I wanted to have known that for myself much earlier. So it’s time to write my personal opinion down…

May 29, 2017
6 minutes

Coming back late last night from our Salesforce World Tour in London I’ve to say that I’m feeling pumped. Again.

May 19, 2017
3 minutes

Part of the Salesforce and IBM partnership is showcasing to our developer audiences about how and where solutions can be combined.

May 15, 2017
1 minute

Last week was a busy week. I presented at engage.ug in Antwerp about the Salesforce and IBM partnership for developers and I attended Devoxx UK in London (partially).

May 13, 2017
2 minutes